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Our Services

If your company plans to purchase goods abroad, we will:

  • Assist in choosing a supplier
  • Negotiate with suppliers and carriers
  • Prepare licenses, certificates and permits for transportation
  • Provide all delivery services listed below

If you have already purchased any equipment, machinery or other goods abroad and wish to import them to Russia, we will:

  • Offer the best time and price options for cargo delivery
  • Calculate the cost of transportation and all related costs
  • Make customs clearance: fill out the documents, calculate and pay customs duties
  • Place the cargo at warehouse with suitable storage conditions
  • Deliver the cargo on "door-to-door" terms
Just choose the format of cooperation that is convenient for you then call us or leave your application and we will contact you within a working day. qqq leave a request

Cooperation Formats

Full logistic outsourcing. 4pl Just let us know what kind of goods you need and we will start working. On behalf of our company we will purchase the necessary goods, ship them, make customs clearance and deliver them to your address. You will receive the goods already released for free circulation.
Partial logistic outsourcing. 3pl We will help to register your company as a FEA participant so that you could purchase the goods unassisted. We will ship, make customs clearance and deliver the goods to your address.
Cargo transportation and storage. 2pl You purchase the goods and make customs clearance independently and we will ship them and consult you in customs clearance.
purchasing the goods
collecting cargo from supplier
providing warehouse
preparing permits
preparing documents for customs
calculating and payment of customs duties
making customs clearance of cargo
delivering cargo to your address